The Future of Journalism

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    A GUIDE FOR LIFE INSIDE THE EUROPEAN UNION On a bookshelf in what purports to be my office lurks an early edition of this invaluable guide. It is still there because even earlier in my career as a young economist I had reason to visit the Company Secretary of a large British firm.… » read more

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Stand Up For Free Media!

European Citizens Initiative for Media Pluralism Without free, independent, and pluralistic media citizens are deprived of the possibility to keep power accountable. Corruption and maladimistration prosper, personal business and political interest replace the common good of all, minorities face increasing marginalisation. The deterioration of media pluralism and media freedom in Europe is above all a… » read more

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It hard not to be struck by the paradox of the growth of demand by multiple channels for 24/7 news and a sharp decline in the supply of quality journalism across the world and Europe inparticular. Barely a week passes without new threats to media pluralism across Europe. Newspapers are closing or publishing less, with… » read more

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