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Newspapers as souvenirs

The decline in the number and variety of newspapers on sale in even the most well-frequented news-stands in the EU area of Brussels is striking. A few years ago it was not uncommon to see two or three different titles from peripheral countries such as Finland, Ireland, Greece and even Turkey. Today, one cannot find… » read more

Posted by Julian Oliver

Less than ten days after our latest post, UK focus on Reform, the BBC hit the headlines with a spectacular own goal or boob. The Director General, George Entwistle, in post for less than 8 weeks, tendered his resignation largely as a result of being badly mauled on the BBC Radio 4 morning ‘Today’ programme… » read more

Posted by Julian Oliver

UK focus on Reform

The Future of Journalism looks set to focus on the UK in coming days and weeks. Boris Johnson, London’s Mayor and prolific scribbler, has penned a particularly personal attack on The Guardian in the Daily Telegraph “Newspapers are worth fighting for – even when they are wrong” but strongly defends its right to publish and… » read more

Posted by Julian Oliver

Posted by James Pressley Julian Oliver has put his finger smack on the pulse. The paradox is what economists call a supply-and-demand imbalance: Surging demand for 24/7 news has become inversely proportional to the supply of quality journalism. Mr. Oliver and Eric Karstens of the European Journalism Centre have put forward sound ideas for how… » read more

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