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A recent thesis for a Masters degree that we have seen includes a well-researched table of the number of German journalists working in Brussels on EU reporting.

It suggests that in 2012 there were some 112 German journalists reporting for three broad types of media:

  • Digital: incl. Radio & TV: 53
  • Press agencies: 15
  • Print incl. daily weekly and other specialised periodicals: 44

Of more marginal interest the male/female split is shown as 59% men to 41% women (no sub-division is available by type).

As many readers will know there is a persistent rumour that the number of journalists accredited to the European Commission has declined sharply in recent years. This was partially confirmed in a private meeting with a representative from the Council Secretariat who claims that their monitoring of journalists attending EU summits shows a decline in EU accredited journalists while there has been an increase in the number of natiuonal journalists (from both member states and third countries).

Now that we have this benchmark of how many German journalists plied their trade in 2012 it would be interesting to have some comparable estimates from other EU countries.

To get the ball rolling, we understand that in 2012 there was just one Latvian journalist covering the EU – anyone got any fewer or greater number for their member state?

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  1. Interesting piece. It would be even more interesting to see if there is a correlation between the number of journalists and the EU sentiment among the population of each country.

    Can better EU reporting reduce Euro Scepticism by bringing about a greater understanding..?

  2. As author of the original question ‘how many journalists from your country work in Brussels?’ I had hoped to get some free market research on how many French, Italian, Spanish, Polish etc radio & tv, print and online and press agency journalists were here.

    What worries one is not who has the most but which countries and or languages have fewest journalists reporting on Europe. Anecdotally, it is claimed that there are some EU member states with no full-time correspondents even excluding the two minnows: Luxembourg and Malta.

    Anyone else out there who can volunteer a few statistics? In the run-up to the 2014 EP elections it is a concern if there are some EU countries without independent media to challenge or amplify the voices of the political parties.

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